Firm Overview

Arlington Estate Planning and Business Law Attorney

Helping clients in Northern Virginia since 1994

The Law Office of James D. Fife, founded in 1994, represents individuals and small businesses, focusing on matters involving estate planning, probate, estate administration, business planning, business transactions, estate and gift taxes, income taxes and related issues.

Estate planning arrangements and business transactions often carry complex tax implications. In addition to his knowledge of laws governing estates, trusts and business organizations, James D. Fife, an experienced attorney, has the understanding of applicable tax rules that is required for effective representation of clients in estate planning and business planning matters.

Mr. Fife's academic degrees include a J.D. and an LL.M. with specialization in taxation. He has written several articles examining income, estate and gift tax issues and has given numerous lectures on those topics. As a result of extensive research and review of tax rules in the course of his practice, Mr. Fife is familiar with the tax implications of numerous arrangements that may be used to meet individuals' estate planning and business planning goals. Mr. Fife uses his knowledge of tax rules in analyzing relevant tax issues and providing sound advice about structuring estate plans and business plans with favorable tax consequences for clients.

Estate Planning and Administration

An important objective of estate planning is to establish arrangements that simplify and expedite the procedures required for the administration of estates and trusts. Washington, D.C. and Arlington, Virginia estate planning lawyer James D. Fife prepares estate planning documents designed to minimize estate administration expenses and to enable fiduciaries to efficiently solve problems that may arise in the administration process. In many cases, tax considerations play an important role in the estate planning process. Mr. Fife develops estate plans that take into account relevant income, gift and estate tax issues and minimize adverse tax consequences. Mr. Fife also provides legal services for individuals serving as executors and administrators of estates.

Business Planning

The formation of business organizations and other business transactions frequently have significant income tax consequences. As a business planning attorney serving Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Mr. Fife structures business transactions that result in advantageous tax treatment for business owners. His law firm also assists clients who are forming business organizations make decisions that help minimize income tax liabilities.