The primary mission of the Law Office of James D. Fife in the area of business planning law is to provide advice that assists persons starting businesses and owners of existing business in the design and implementation of strategies that minimize income taxes, effectively allocate responsibilities for managing business operations and place owners in the best position to sell their business interests, or transfer the interests to family members, at retirement or on death.

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Arlington Small Business Organization Lawyer

The formation of a business organization, the purchase of the assets of a business and the dissolution of a business organization are examples of transactions that affect the fundamental legal or financial structure of business organizations. Business owners engaged in those types of transactions frequently confront complex issues.

The Law Office of James D. Fife provides legal services that help business owners address complex transactional issues in ways that meet the objectives of business owners. Mr. Fife gives advice that enables business owners to make prudent decisions about issues that arise in selecting the form of organization for a business, establishing the financial structure of a business and completing other significant transactions. Mr. Fife, an experienced business planning lawyer, also assists business clients by preparing organizational documents, agreements and other documents that are designed to protect the assets of a business and minimize the potential liabilities of business owners.

Mr. Fife has the experience required to help new businesses make sound financial and legal decisions. Mr. Fife is committed to providing legal services for each client that are tailored to address the client’s individual situation. The firm provides effective representation for clients engaged in selecting business entities and forming business organizations, including:

Professional Corporations

The firm’s services also include legal advice and representation for established business organizations in respect to various legal issues and business planning matters. For example, Mr. Fife assists business organizations by providing services that include the following:

  • drafting shareholder agreements
  • preparing and reviewing buy-sell agreements
  • preparing documents for the redemption of ownership interests
  • preparing and reviewing lease agreements
  • preparing employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and covenants not to compete (non-compete agreements)
  • representing clients in negotiating transactions
  • preparing documents for the dissolution of business organizations
  • preparing agreements for the purchase of the assets of a business
  • preparing agreements for the sale of all of the stock of an operating corporation
  • preparing agreements for transfers of business interests

Washington, D.C., and Arlington, Virginia, business planning lawyer James D. Fife also practices estate planning and estate administration. He can help clients decide which organizational option is best for their situations. He can also work with clients to develop business plans designed to protect their assets from exposure to liability and other risks inherent in operating a business as well as estate plans to provide for the transfer of those assets to family members.

Contact business planning attorney James D. Fife today to schedule an initial consultation about small business legal issues. Mr. Fife works closely with his business clients to help them choose the right form of organization for their businesses and successfully resolve the legal and tax issues they face as their businesses expand.