1. Estate Planning Basics, Part 2

    Talking about your death is never a pleasant discussion. In fact, many people avoid the topic at all costs, always changing the subject when it arises. Yet, it’s a fact of life that, if ignored, can cost you and your loved ones dearly at the end of your life and after you’ve passed. The Law Office of James D. Fife offers estate planning services in Fairfax County, including Arlington, Alexandr…Read More

  2. Estate Planning Basics

    Most people have probably heard of estate planning, but don’t really know what it is. After all, isn’t an estate a big white house with columns in the country with a lot of property and possessions? Why would you need estate planning if you didn’t have that? The Law Office of James D Fife serves the Arlington area, including Fairfax County, with estate planning services. We are dedicated to …Read More

  3. Top Reasons You Need An Estate Planning Attorney

    If you think about it, we’re in a sort of “do it yourself” age. A time when people can look up a video on the internet and do a lot of things on their own that they would’ve had to seek help from a professional for several years ago. Although this is a positive thing, for the most part, it can be negative when it comes to things like estate planning and other legal matters that normally re…Read More

  4. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Hello, and welcome to our very first blog here at the Law Office of James D. Fife. Serving clients in northern Virginia and Washington D.C., we are able to provide effective legal counseling regarding probate, estate planning, business planning, wills, and much more. If you would like to speak with us, you can start your free initial consultation by giving us a call. In the meantime, since this is…Read More